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Carrier IQ Part #2

More information about Carrier IQ. If youd like to talk about it, post below, tweet with #CIQ or if you have a board discussion about it post the URL here. I will be doing NO moderation.

While your out there thank the @EFF for letting me continue :)

Why are you looking at CarrierIQ for information and not HTC? Look at how many devices have Carrier IQ hidden. HTC is just including 3rd party software. They have privacy policies everywhere for their programs, this is not just an HTC/Android issue.

Visit for more info.

Videos were shot with E4G/E3D, so dont complain about quality.. If you want a better shot of something let me know!

Video Contents:
Part 1 - Start - Device setup
Part 2 - 3:15 - Where we don't see CIQ
Part 3 - 5:05 - Finding CIQ Application

Part 4 - 8:34 - Watching Carrier IQ Watch Us
8:39 - Keypresses
12:27 - Receiving a SMS Message
13:35 - Using Browser on WiFi

Part 5 - 15:45 - Carrier IQ on an out of service device
Part 6 - 16:49 - Conclusions

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